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Handcrafted from Inspiration to Finish

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I came by my appreciation of the art around me through my parents and grandparents. As a child growing up, we were always hiking or camping.

I remember my dad stopping to point out a view, like the Three Sisters peaks in Oregon, their ethereal beauty radiating in the high clean air of the trail we were on. The fresh wonderful smell of willows growing by the banks of streams, and quaking aspens talking about the glorious fall colors of their foliage. Hiding on a rock watching a rainbow trout lazily swimming in a sunlight dappled creek. My grandmother calling me over to watch a bright and intricate colored caterpillar inching up a rock.



When I learned to scuba dive, I almost got lost from the group because I had stopped to watch a snowflake eel darting in and out of a cave or the sunlight streaming down from the world above. I love to touch, feel, and listen.

I did a pencil drawing of my brothers sleeping when I was 12 years old. In 8th grade, I won an art show with a paper mâché form. In high school I was urged to go into commercial art, graphics at that time.

Real life started then, marriage, children. But I kept my finger in my love of the seen through college classes, winning in small art shows, local fairs, and a few one-man art shows. I even had a business of creating Indian figures, with skin paintings. I sold all over the world to gift shops, Disneyland, and the Grand Canyon.

Then my husband died. I walked out and pulled my workshop door shut. And started life over.

For a few years I owned a dog training franchise, struggling to stay alive and I did. I created a fabulous business with dogs that I love. But I would still get the shivers seeing the beauty of Gods world all around me. The ache to create that into physical things was with me all the time. But it wouldn’t keep the wolf from my door, and it seemed my soul was drying up.

And then I met my soulmate. I am so blessed. We live on a beautiful ranch at the base of the Sierras in Northern Nevada. I’m able to do my two passions, raise Mini American Shepherds and my art. He takes pride in what I do and supports me emotionally.

I sought out an awesome artist who together with his wife owned a bead shop and asked to take lessons. I needed to learn to solder. Flames and gas lol scared me. I wanted to be able to put my designs and ideas into precious metals and work with nature’s beauty. Larry … was a free spirit with his art like me. He understood my hunger. I took several sessions, took a break to practice what I learned so I could add onto my skills. When I called to start lessons back up, His wife told me he had died of lung cancer. I was heartsick. Today when am I soldering or working on a piece, I often hear his voice telling me how to do it or why I should do it a certain way. Larry was an awesome influence in my art.

Today I have my own studio set up and can enjoy watching my one-of-a-kind creations make people happy.

I still get shivers and I still watch nature all around me, but now I can capture some of that so others can enjoy it too.

~ Terri

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